Simple Tricks To Drink More Water And Stay Hydrated

Are you looking for ways to drink more water?

Or you want simple tips and tricks to stay hydrated at all times?

With all the health benefits of drinking water, you can’t afford to be dehydrated.

And these days we get so occupied with work that we forget to drink water.

But thankfully, technology has made a lot of things so much easier, including getting hydrated.

Even with that, some of us still don’t know how to drink water.

So I’ll be showing you six simple tricks to drink more water and stay hydrated.

Let’s get started.

1. Get a big water bottle

First, to drink more water, you need a big water bottle, maybe 24 or 32 ounces.

Mine is 32oz, and I drink it as two 16 ounces glasses of water. Then I refill and do the same thing again when I’m thirsty.

So you can try that.

Just check the glass size that you can finish in a sitting, and use it to ration your water throughout the day.

I hope I’m making sense.

And as time goes on, you can even drink directly from the bottle and see how much you can take.

But don’t force yourself to drink more than you can. You might feel light-headed (it has happened to me before, and it’s not okay).

2. Drink water first thing when you wake up

Remember that big water bottle I was talking about?

Fill it up with water and keep it on your bedside before going to bed every night, then drink from it first thing in the morning.

I do this every morning, and it has become a habit. And the days I don’t drink water the moment I wake up, something always feels odd.

So this may seem hard at the beginning, but your body will get used to it after 21 days, I hope. Since that’s how long it takes to form a habit.

And what I usually do is finish my 32-ounce bottle of water before drinking my morning coffee.

You can try and see if that works for you too, or create your own pattern.

3. To drink more water, install a water-drinking reminder app

Thirdly, you need a reminder to rehydrate because, on your own, you may forget.

So I suggest you install a water drinking reminder on your phone.

The one I use is Water Reminder – Remind Drink Water app from Google Playstore.

There are so many other water drinking reminders but I kinda prefer this one over the others.

So on this app, you can create a profile, add your wake up time and bedtime, plus your weight.

Then it suggests the ideal amount of water (your water-intake goal) you need to drink for your weight daily until you update a weight loss or gain.

The app also gives you tips to properly drink water to get the ultimate benefits.

Another reason why this app is great is that it gives you the option to customize your drinking cup or bottle.

Since my water bottle is 32 oz., I customized my cup to be 16 oz, so I can easily share a bottle into two glasses, and it works for me.

So find what works for you as you embark on your journey to drink more water and stay hydrated always.

4. Keep your water within reach (your work station)

To drink more water, make sure your water bottle(s) is within reach.

You don’t want a situation where your app reminds you to drink, and your water is far away.

It is possible you are so into your work and cannot for the life of you get up to pick a bottle of water. And you may end up missing that drink-water window, but it is not the end of the world.

However, to keep that from happening too often, keep your water bottles or gallon in your work station.

I sometimes keep bottles of water on the coffee table and my bedside so that I can drink whenever.

5. Flavor up your water with fruits

With these tips we’ve covered so far, you may be looking at me like, “she doesn’t understand that water is friggin plain and boring”. Lol

And I totally understand.

That’s why I am suggesting that you flavor it up with fruits or vegetables.

Some people add lemon wedges, mint leaves, lime slices, apple slices, cucumber, and other fruits to their water.

Just try different fruits and create the flavor you enjoy most, and get your hydration on.

6. Drink homemade low-calorie ice-tea

It is only normal to want a different beverage to quench your thirst, sometimes.

So instead of jumping on the high-calorie soda or sweet tea train, make your own low-calorie iced-tea at home.

The only calories in this tea will be the lemons(17 calories) and black tea (2 calories per teabag) because the sweetener contains zero calories.

Okay, so what I do is brew my tea in a pitcher with lemon juice, and enjoy it hot or cold.

My husband loves ice-tea too. So a pitcher may last a day or a day and a half.

As we speak, I have a pitcher of refreshing lemon iced tea in my fridge.

If you are interested, here’s my recipe to make a low-calorie lemon iced tea below.

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