Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle While on Vacation

Finding the balance between enjoying a vacation and eating healthy is a common challenge. No matter where the destination, indulging on local, delicious foods is something vacationers look forward to.

“Creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial to your overall well-being,” said Kim Harris, Eglin’s Civilian Health Promotions Services coordinator.

Harris said eating nourishing food, being physically active and getting adequate sleep are all essential parts of a lifestyle that contributes to resiliency and good health.

Tips on surviving a vacation with health goals intact include:

  • Daily activity is key. There is so much to see and do when traveling to a new place. Look for ways to enjoy the city while staying active. Rent a bike, take a walk on the beach, or go on a hike with family and friends.
  • Treat yourself once a day. Each day of vacation, plan for one special treat of your choice. For other meals, try to cook or prepare a healthy meal to take on the go or enjoy as a family in your hotel.
  • Avoid the splurge mentality. You can enjoy local cuisine while staying mindful of your healthy portion sizes. Try ordering a dessert that the whole table can share.
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